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Perpetual motif

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While the answer to the question "why do I take photos" might look easy, the more I delve into my work I realize that I haven't got any convincing answers to the questions I have put.

"Why do I insist, come back and utilize some specific motif to develop compositions?", "why do I choose low resolution?", "how is a trivial aspect of reality transformed into something more meaningful in the world of photography?", "why do posters showing people and statues pull me closer to them so that I can set them up in a tender but at the same time upsetting manner?" "Is the picture itself that touches me or a vague remembrance thereof?»...

As if there is an internal resistance to hold back the answers for fear that decodification will push me into a conscious mechanism of production of identical pictures without any authenticity or soul.

A tormenting process. Which I however enjoy. Because - to the initial question "why do I take photos" - I can now give a more substantive answer: because I long for that surprise that I will feel when, once again, reality will reappear before my eyes transformed, different, mysterious and unpredictable.

George  Vogiatzakis

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